About Nakhchivan salt museum

Nakhchivan Salt Museum was established according to the Decree signed by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated September 12, 2007. The main purpose of setting this museum is to bring the important role played  by Nakhchivan salt in history to the world’s notice, to systematize the results of scientific researches, to ensure the preservation and promotion of the material-cultural samples obtained during scientific researches.

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has an ancient history and culture. The greek scientist Klavdi Ptolomey mentioned Nakhchivan as a dwelling place of the prophet Noah in the ll century AD  for the first time in the history. Afterwards in the works of the travellers and geographers from different countries of the world the connection between Nakhchivan and Noah were stressed.

In his article named “Nakhchivan district and Nakhchivan city” edited in Tbilisi in 1882, the Russian explorer Konstantin Nikitin wrote giving information about Noah has been one of the salt miners and thaught the population  of the city about salt extraction: ”After the storm Noah settled down in a place which Nakhchivan is now located .He lived here with his family and founded the future city. That is why the name of the city means initial settlement.

Salt extraction and salt minership is of great  importance for  the basis of city culture in Nakhchivan, the city which is 5000 years old. Besides stone tools  relating to different periods, ceramic objects belonging to Eneolithic and First Bronze Age were revealed during archaeological excavations. Stone tools, stone  hammers and hatchets, salt sacks, salt-cellars made from dwelft and clay, stone mortar and pestle and axes  and other exhibits demonstrated in the museum reflect ancient history and cultural potential of Duzdagh.

Nakhchivan is rich with traditions and beliefs connected with salt.

Taking into consideration the connection between city culture and Duzdagh  a statue was set to the prophet Noah in the center of the museum.

Establishing Nakhchivan Salt Museum  is the expression of great esteem shown  the history,culture and natural-spiritual values of our people.

The  national leader of Azerbaijan people said: Each stone, each rock of Nakhchivan  which plays a specific role in the social,economical, cultural and scientific life of Azerbaijan is a  lively witness of the history.