Salt Museum in Nakhchivan was made use

The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis signed a Decree “On the establishment of Nakhchivan Salt Museum”on September 12, 2017. In the previous time some measures were taken in the direction of execution of the decree, Nakhchivan Salt Museum was established in “Duzdagh” hotel. On April 5 Nakhchivan Salt Museum was  made use.

The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis Vasif Talibov cut the ribbon which is considered the symbol of openning ceremony. The Chairman of National Azerbaijan Sciences Academy, academician Ismayil Hajiyev made a report  and said in the independence years  studing the history of Nakhchivan was started , holding international symposium “Nakhchivan in the international sources” in 1996  was a significant step in this field. The conferences held under the decree of the Chairman of the  Supreme Majlis of NAR  “The prophet Noah, world storm and Nakhchivan”, “Nakhchivan as a first dwelling and townbuilding place” ,” Nakhchivan : an initial city and Duzdagh” and other conferences played an important role in the study of culture , history, natural richness of Nakhchivan. Like in other regions of republic , during the international archaeological expedition implemented in Duzdagh , a great deal of spiritual-cultural examples were revealed, urgent scientific result were acquaired.

Ətraflı: Salt Museum in Nakhchivan was made use